This application is no longer maintained and is provided as-is


Save Frequently · Save Often

SF·SO saves your Office documents to Google Drive regardless of where you save them on your computer
Save anywhere · Save Frequently · Save Often

How it works

SF·SO is an Add-In implementing the "Save Frequently · Save Often" concept.

  • Automatically upload your Microsoft Office documents to your Google Drive account.
  • View your save history and revert back to an older version of any document.
  • Don't worry about saving to a specific folder in order to save your documents to the cloud.
  • Save Anywhere · Save Frequently · Save Often.

Try it

Automatically backup your files to the cloud.

Only maintain one copy of a document from computer to computer. No need to keep track of which document is the newest one.

Download an old copy of your documents by viewing your Revision History! Every save ever made is kept in the history of your document, so there is no need to save multiple copies in order to maintain old data.